[ laescké blasck ]

Soft drinks

Läskeblask, or läsk as it’s more commonly referred to is the Swedish word for soft drink. As any other country Sweden have their own soft drink classics, like Loranga, Champis and Cuba Cola. Sadly few of them are still in production as the behemoth of obesity has taken over all the shelf space with their “happiness”.

Use this word in a sentence

Läskeblask må smaka sött, men det kommer knappast göra dig sötare.

Soft drinks might taste sweet, but it won’t make you any cuter.

Pronunciation guide

For the weird Swedish letters.


The first of the three Swedish characters. You’ll find the sound just before the L in words that contain AL, like: all, alter and Aldershot. Try saying ALL, but skip out the L’s. It should sound something like a mix of A and O, and it should come from the back of your mouth.


Ä is a rare sound in the British language. But if you try on an American accent and let out a fully fledge ass (or asshole), cut away everything after the A you’ll have the hang of it. It should sound something like a mix of A and E. Just as Å you’ll find the sound near your throat rather than the tip of your tongue.


Ö is the same letter as the Norwegian and Danish Ø. If you, once again, try that American accent you can hear the sound in words like: skirt, flirt, nerd, turd and bird. It’s the sound just between the U/I and the R.